What is Hacking

Hacking is the act of identifying and then exploiting computer vulnerabilities/weakness usually to gain unauthorized access to personal or organizational data.

Who is a Hacker


A hacker is an individual who possesses advanced skills in computer programming and technology, allowing them to gain unauthorized access to computer systems, networks, or data. The term “hacker” has evolved and can be associated with various motivations and ethical stances. While some hackers use their skills for malicious activities, such as stealing information or spreading malware (black hat hackers), others may work ethically to identify and fix vulnerabilities in systems (white hat hackers). The term “hacker” is broad and encompasses a diverse range of individuals with different intentions and skill sets in the realm of cybersecurity.


Types of Hackers 


1.Black Hat Hackers: Malicious actors who exploit vulnerabilities for personal gain or to engage in cybercrime activities.


2. White Hat Hackers: Ethical hackers employed to strengthen cybersecurity, identifying and fixing vulnerabilities to protect systems.

3. Grey Hat Hackers: Operate between ethical and malicious hacking, breaching systems without authorization but with good intentions, often seeking recognition.

4. Hacktivists: Individuals with a social or political agenda, targeting organizations or individuals to promote their cause through digital means.

5. Script Kiddies: Lacking advanced skills, they use existing hacking tools and scripts to exploit vulnerabilities without a deep understanding of technology.